Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dec.15th Mike Dobbins @ The Creek and the Cave!!

My fourth and final long set of 2012 at the Creek and the Cave happens December 15th at 11:59 p.m.

The Creek and the Cave is located in Long Island City, NY at 10-93 Jackson Ave.

Take the 7 train to "Vernon-Jackson". Just a few blocks from there.

Been doing lots of longer sets this year. My funny creative stuff is flowing. Would love it if you would come out, support, and have some laughs!

"Profoundly funny in the flesh."- Time Out NY

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Boonoonoo Blubber Pawnties"- 2nd Show

Saturday, October 13th at 12 A.M., I will be performing "Mike Dobbins-Boonoonoo Blubber Pawnties", new and old comedic material I have created. Show will take place at the Creek and the Cave located at 1093 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, NY.

The 2nd of a short series of long sets culminating ultimately into a new 45 minute to 1 hr. set.

"profoundly funny in the flesh" -Time Out NY

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mike Dobbins-Boonoonoo Blubber Pawnties

September 22nd at 12 A.M. which is technically September 23rd, I will be performing "Mike Dobbins-Boonoonoo Blubber Pawnties", new and old comedic material I have created. Show will take place at the Creek and the Cave located at 1093 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, NY.

A first of a short series of long sets culminating ultimately into a new 45 minute to 1 hr. set.

"profoundly funny in the flesh"  -Time Out NY

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Social Networking and shows!!

Mike Dobbins Twitter @chuckledobby

Mike Dobbins Facebook       Picture of Goat

Shows are coming up for August 2012. Comedy is very exciting. Enjoying performing new act.

Best to find updated shows first on Facebook and then on Twitter.

Come see some of the new stuff.

Hope things are great for you!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pain in the ass at CVS!!!!

They make you scan your tampons for your wife yourself!! Don't they know that the cashiers will ultimately lose their jobs??
I don't like being forced to scan my wife's tampons by cashiers that are forced to direct me to the self check-out wife tampon scanners.
Thank goodness Walgreens and Rite Aid still use real people to check out your wife's pons or shields.
It will be a long time before scanner machines will be able to organize to get fair wages and health insurance and a long time before they can boil potatoes, add milk and butter and mash them.
Yes, the cashiers are sometimes rude apathetic turd breath jerks but that's because they had a bad day or week. I can be nice and they can then appreciate me or proposition me for discaounted sexual favors behind a dumpster. The scanner doesn't even know that I'm really there or into body salt water taffy velcro dumpster spankings .
Well maybe if the cashiers arent cashiers they can go to school and learn how to rebuild air conditioners and dishwashing units. That would be very helpful but still, what's wrong with an honest cashier trade?? Not a damn thing, stupid ass! If a cashier wants to go to school on the side, do it but still be proud to be a cashier and organize against the self check-out scanners!!
And yes it is odd that I am more embarassed by a self check-out scanner scanning my wife's maxi's than a real human cashier. I have absolutely no excuse for that which is reasonable. I think it's just my desire for people to earn any wage blinds me in a way.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 Winding Down/2012 Yip Yip!

It has been a good year for comedic voice development. There were many days to explore talking to audiences which now seems to be easier. Riffing is gaining rewards from audiences in the moment and crafted material has been acquired. Stand Up NY was good. Stuff out of the city was good. Definately time to put what I've been doing out there. Confident that whatever my instincts tell me comedically, they are right. It's almost always right to do what I do at a mic, but I mean it's nice to really know that what I do at clubs/clubbish venues/booked shows is seeming very right to do.
Good year for creativity and for responsibility. 2011 is what makes 2012 so exciting. Have to not forget 2011 and the past, almost 10 years of straight commitment (add 2 years with big gaps and short form/film experience. Something drives me to do this and make most people laugh and say woo woo wowzie woop!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bar 4 12-11-11

Will be at Bar 4 at 930pm at 444 7th Ave in Park Slope tomorrow night. Come see me or, if you can make it to Creek and Cave Yannis Pappas Roast, definately hit that up. That should be a blast. But obviously if you can make my set at Bar 4 will most likely be the sheeeez like it normally izzzzzzz. See you there!!! Hee Hee!