Monday, December 14, 2009

Austin's 12-12-09

Did one hour, 10 minutes at Austin's Coffee and Film in O-town. Headlined with Dirt McCoy (104.1, straight up funny and raw), Kyle Rogers (Funny-eclectic-musical), Sean Moore (Boston Breed Family Funny) and Clayton Anderson (Stanhope, Funny).
I did some material from "Koo Koo", crowd work, improv, and some new written bits and songs.
Was good to be on stage for that long again and keep the laughs coming, excluding trying to remember my rewritten Newhart bit. Honestly, I could have done without about 10 minutes of my set so, a bodacious hour "Dobbins style".
All comedians did a rad job!! Had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my acting reel

Mike Dobbins Acting Reel

A Stand-Up Bit Clip!

Just click the link below to watch!

Mike Dobbins Billy Goats Dat Bonk!

9-2-09 Bonkerz!!

I Performed live at a Bonkerz in Altamonte Springs, FL last night. It was old school comedic performance art that was not well planned (sometimes it's that kind of night). I protested David Brenner's Merch application on his website by "nonsensing" to the sounds of "Bolero"(which I claimed David Brenner did not fancy) because I will never be able to go on Johnny Carson 150+ times like David Brenner did.
It was anti-70's/80's semantic joke structure to the max! I performed with num-chucks in a gorrilla mask, played recorder, and keyboard melodies in C minor, had a marionette puppet fart drum beats, called on a spirit of a relative's bedroom acoustics to come to altamonte springs to make my keyboard sound louder and closed it out with a reggae riff.
Guess what? the camera didn't record it, so that means it was only meant for the audience of that evening. I know people were moved (even if just their bowels).