Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 Winding Down/2012 Yip Yip!

It has been a good year for comedic voice development. There were many days to explore talking to audiences which now seems to be easier. Riffing is gaining rewards from audiences in the moment and crafted material has been acquired. Stand Up NY was good. Stuff out of the city was good. Definately time to put what I've been doing out there. Confident that whatever my instincts tell me comedically, they are right. It's almost always right to do what I do at a mic, but I mean it's nice to really know that what I do at clubs/clubbish venues/booked shows is seeming very right to do.
Good year for creativity and for responsibility. 2011 is what makes 2012 so exciting. Have to not forget 2011 and the past, almost 10 years of straight commitment (add 2 years with big gaps and short form/film experience. Something drives me to do this and make most people laugh and say woo woo wowzie woop!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bar 4 12-11-11

Will be at Bar 4 at 930pm at 444 7th Ave in Park Slope tomorrow night. Come see me or, if you can make it to Creek and Cave Yannis Pappas Roast, definately hit that up. That should be a blast. But obviously if you can make my set at Bar 4 will most likely be the sheeeez like it normally izzzzzzz. See you there!!! Hee Hee!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sign of the Times (short film)

I play Mike Dunn in this feel good short film based in Queens, NY.

2012!! Exciting Year For Dobbins!!

So sorry about the neglect of this majestic blog. It's been too damn long! Eddie Trunk is playing great metal right now on 104.3. Check out That Metal Show on VH1. What's up guys!! My shows are kicking up and a video will be coming out soon. I really like my comedy voice right now. Definately looking forward to new people experiencing my current comedy flow. Definately want to get up and down the east coast more this upcoming year and for sure want to get out to the west coast to lay it down. Will definately do more hour shows this year and hope to get some TV and Film exposure! Will be playing some music here and there out at a few places and may even put up some art. To 2012!!