Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my acting reel

Mike Dobbins Acting Reel

A Stand-Up Bit Clip!

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Mike Dobbins Billy Goats Dat Bonk!

9-2-09 Bonkerz!!

I Performed live at a Bonkerz in Altamonte Springs, FL last night. It was old school comedic performance art that was not well planned (sometimes it's that kind of night). I protested David Brenner's Merch application on his website by "nonsensing" to the sounds of "Bolero"(which I claimed David Brenner did not fancy) because I will never be able to go on Johnny Carson 150+ times like David Brenner did.
It was anti-70's/80's semantic joke structure to the max! I performed with num-chucks in a gorrilla mask, played recorder, and keyboard melodies in C minor, had a marionette puppet fart drum beats, called on a spirit of a relative's bedroom acoustics to come to altamonte springs to make my keyboard sound louder and closed it out with a reggae riff.
Guess what? the camera didn't record it, so that means it was only meant for the audience of that evening. I know people were moved (even if just their bowels).