Sunday, July 13, 2008

Piano's-"Scum & Villainy" 7-13

Cassidy Henahan hosted. The show was good besides a technical difficulty for a video, me getting stepped on twice by staff members messing with a ladder with no "excuse me", and the crowd bizarrely not clapping except for like 4 people it seemed as I walked to the stage. So that situation helped create a set long bit...The classic "enormous ego vs. lack of respect". It started a little slow and uncomfortable which was great and then lightened up once I said "watch your purses". Finished pretty strong. I think audience members actually find comedian ego rants to be interesting and slightly uncomfortably funny as long as they are somewhat safe which I feel mine was. However it came off, Big thanks to Cassidy, Melissa, and Piano's for the stage time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Caroline's-"The Freak Show" 07-11

Line-up Maddog Mattern-Host, Matty Goldberg, Rick Shapiro, Eric Andre, Josh Filipowski, Me, Dustin Chaffin. Pretty Good Crowd-Responsive, wanted to play laughter ball.
Very enjoyable experience. I acted like my ex-wife was one of the people that was walkin' out as I was taking the stage and told the crowd about our sour marriage and now how bad things had gotten living with 8 roommates, became a texas pastor, then told 2 jokes.
Everybody had rad sets. It was a lot of fun. Poster out front for show certainly didn't hurt. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Here's the Thing/ Sound Fix Records 07-08

Fun show. Andrew Wright, Sean O'Connor, Nick Maritato reminisced the Still Born in the USA tour. Andrew ripped some funny riffs. Tom McCaffrey got busy on the mic and had the crowd going apeshit. I riffed apt. life, rhoids, brazzers bogus, and tp that doesn't save the environment, and Socrates as a vegetarian dick. The crowd was rad and the venue was chill.

Totally J/K 07-10

Rad show. Joe & Noah told a funny roommate story (undisclosed to protect parties) and read from Tommy Lee's biography and did other funny things. Nick Kroll popped in with some funny character act out bits. Stone and Stone were on fire. I riffed on Paleek Paneer and UFC fighters ultimately intimidated by a comet that will destroy the earth. Check out there show at Rififi on thursday nights at 8pm.

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