Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pain in the ass at CVS!!!!

They make you scan your tampons for your wife yourself!! Don't they know that the cashiers will ultimately lose their jobs??
I don't like being forced to scan my wife's tampons by cashiers that are forced to direct me to the self check-out wife tampon scanners.
Thank goodness Walgreens and Rite Aid still use real people to check out your wife's pons or shields.
It will be a long time before scanner machines will be able to organize to get fair wages and health insurance and a long time before they can boil potatoes, add milk and butter and mash them.
Yes, the cashiers are sometimes rude apathetic turd breath jerks but that's because they had a bad day or week. I can be nice and they can then appreciate me or proposition me for discaounted sexual favors behind a dumpster. The scanner doesn't even know that I'm really there or into body salt water taffy velcro dumpster spankings .
Well maybe if the cashiers arent cashiers they can go to school and learn how to rebuild air conditioners and dishwashing units. That would be very helpful but still, what's wrong with an honest cashier trade?? Not a damn thing, stupid ass! If a cashier wants to go to school on the side, do it but still be proud to be a cashier and organize against the self check-out scanners!!
And yes it is odd that I am more embarassed by a self check-out scanner scanning my wife's maxi's than a real human cashier. I have absolutely no excuse for that which is reasonable. I think it's just my desire for people to earn any wage blinds me in a way.

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